The French Corner Bakery

The French Corner Bakery located at the corner of Main and Burton, 2214 Main Street in Cambria, California, is the best little bakery on the Central Coast of California.  Open 7 days a week from 6:30am to 6:00pm - Serving the best pastries, cakes, breads, sandwiches and coffee available.

The French Corner and Sandy's Deli in Cambria are owned by the Viveros Family. The family is committed to providing fresh daily baked goods. 

Sandy's Deli and French Corner Bakery  work together to provide Cambria and its visitors with a convenient and fun place to stop and enjoy  a cup of their favorite coffee, pastry or sandwich.  Pick up a loaf of fresh bread to take home.  Their cases are always full of mouth watering creations.

If you are looking for quality bread, pastry and delightful treats for the entire family the French Corner is the place to stop and enjoy - Handcrafted Breads - Specialty Cakes & Desserts - Wedding Cakes - Freshly Prepared Pastries - Great Sandwiches - Coffee - Mochas - Cappuccino -  and many other specialty foods and drinks. 

The painting high on the wall in the bakery is reminiscent of corner cafes in France.

A hot cup of cappuccino and a delicious pastry in their sitting area will make you feel like you are in France.

Make sure to stop by the French Corner Bakery on your visit to Cambria.


The French Corner Bakery provides catering for parties, events etc.

The French Corner Bakery is known for using fresh quality ingredients in all of its breads, cakes and pastries. You have to taste their baked goods to fully appreciate the time and effort put into each item.

Specialty Cakes & Wedding Cakes

The French Corner Bakery is known throughout the Central Coast for its delightful ability to create that special cake for your special occasion .

cake Excellence in the Kitchen

Every cake is handcrafted from scratch using fresh quality ingredients and produce.  Their Chef will create a mouth watering, delicious creation to your specifications.

If you are planning a birthday, anniversary, wedding or some other event call the French Bakery.

Cambria host many weddings each year and the French Corner will help you make great memories by creating a special cake from your design.

Don't hesitate to give the bakery a call or email them for details and pricing on all cakes. 805-927-8227.  You can contact us with comments or design questions.

In addition to providing great coffee, cake and pastry the bakery also makes fantastic sandwiches.  Take a look at the menu.

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